Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guerin, Kovacevic, and Lessons Learned

By Artistry

What makes a great organization? Or, in hockey-speak, what makes a great organ-i-zation?  Capable management?  Consistency?  A good employee cafeteria?  All important, but mostly, you can track excellence by answering a simple question:  Do people stay, or do they go?

Billy Guerin retired more than a year ago, he doesn't even live in Pittsburgh, but he's sticking with the Penguins in the newly created position of "Guy Involved With Player Development."  That announcement comes on the heels of assistant coaches Tony Granato, Gilles Meloche, and Todd Reirden, in addition to practically everybody else down to the assistant coach at Wilkes-Barre, all re-upping with the team.

Looking Forward to More Dan Potash Interviews
By contrast, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette watched Pirate beat writer Colin Dunlap step down recently for personal reasons and, far more significantly, saw Dejan Kovacevic bolt for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.  That's a huge blow to the PPG.  Even though DK left the beat for a while, he is - in GTOG's view - the primary authority on the Penguins among Pittsburgh media.  Why did he leave?  Maybe the Trib threw money at him.  Maybe there's something rotten in Denmark or Ron Cook's office.  Maybe both things are true.  Either way, the PPG is looking for some new writers.  And no, they can't afford us.

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