Thursday, June 2, 2011

GTOG Instant Reaction: Crosby Cleared For Off-Season Workouts

By GTOG Staff

News broke in the last hour that Sidney Crosby met with his doctor, and the doctor told Crosby he can start doing off-ice training again, something he'd started doing a couple of months ago before the same doctor told him he had to stop, on account of a "step back," as opposed to a "setback."  Just so we're clear.  Let's go to the official GTOG g-chat transcript for instant reaction:

Finesse: what does this mean?  "Latest #Crosby developments seem to confirm GM Shero's belief that playoff headaches were a 'step back' not a 'setback.'" Is a step back worse or better than a setback?

Artistry: A setback is a disappointment. A step back must just be a voluntary disappointment.

Finesse: That's GM-speak - the distinction is meaningless to GTOG where we know how to parse language.

Artistry: Right.

Finesse: Going from practicing to not being able to skate for another 2.5 months is not a good thing.  That's what we know.

Artistry:  Agreed.

Finesse: Shero can call it whatever he wants. When Sid plays in a game in training camp, which is far from certain, then I'll feel better.

Artistry:  No premature celebrations. We might have gotten a little too excited when he popped that water bottle.

Finesse: "The emergence of mild headaches during his non-contract training during the Stanley Cup playoffs was the believed the result of a sinus infection."  Huh?  That sounds a little odd to be coming out now, no?

Artistry: I recall hearing that before actually.

Finesse: Really?

Artistry: Yeah.

Finesse: Must have been a killer sinus infection.

Artistry: Who knows. Only one thing matters. He needs to be cleared for contact and make it through like a month of games with no problems. Then, maybe, we can relax a bit.

Finesse: It's going to be a taxing journey.

Artistry:  Very. That's why GTOG won't get too high or too low over these reports.

Finesse:  Even keel.

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