Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wake Up With GTOG: Some Random Stories

By Finesse

So much going on.

- Tampa forced a Game 7 against Boston with an exciting 5-4 victory last night.  We have found ourselves overwhelmingly rooting for Tampa, and even for Martin St. Louis, who has been a consistent killer of the Pens but has emerged as our tiny little hero.  Usually we hate teams that eliminate the Pens, but Tampa handled it well, was a better team, and was relatively un-annoying, because the only thing they did that bothered us -- Ryan Malone taking penalties -- actually should have been to the Pens' advantage.

- Scott McCreery won American Idol.  That's likely the last time we will be writing about Scott McCreery.  At what point is that show going to realize what is happening and split into Blue State Idol and Red State Idol?  Not saying that one is better than the other, but there are trends developing.

- Sike, we actually have one more thing to say about McCreery.  We love his fashion sense.  A tuxedo jacket, a hemp necklace with a cross on it, a skin-tight undershirt from Express Men, a belt from Cracker Barrel, and the Wranglers from the Brett Favre commercials.  Artistry is wearing the same thing to work today.

- Not that we sit around wondering "what-if" all day, but Artistry and I are currently in a debate about whether to put the asterisk before or after the team name for whichever team wins the Eastern Conference.  What looks better?  *Boston Bruins or Boston Bruins*

- The Dallas Mavericks eliminated the Oklahoma City Thunder last night to win the Western Conference and advance to the NBA Finals.  If they should end up playing Miami, it gives Mark Cuban and Dirk Nowitzki a shot at redemption for blowing a 2-0 lead in the 2006 Finals to the Heat in what many feel was a referee aided comeback for Dwyane Wade and the Heat.  Was the officiating bad?  Probably.  But because of it, the first ticky-tack call in favor of the Heat raises a realistic possibility of the first live head explosion ever aired by ESPN.  We can't say we aren't excited.

- In the least surprising story of the day, another ex-Ohio St. football player said he sold his football rings for cash.  Snore.  Cue the chorus of, "we have to pay these players!" While paying college athletes may make sense on some levels, it could actually cause even more problems.  Are you going to pay the 80th man the same as the star quarterback?  How is that any more fair than paying neither?  And if you are going to pay different players different amounts, then won't players just go to the highest bidding team?  Aren't they already getting paid with a scholarship?  What about Title IX?  How can a school like Indiana - which has laughable attendance at football games - compete against a money-making machine like Ohio St. if, in addition to the on-field advantages OSU has, they can also pay more?  [Oh wait, you don't care?  Ok, nevermind.]

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