Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Steelers Continue Proud Tradition of Defiant Tweets

By Artistry

NFL owners voted unanimously this week to codify punishments for flagrant hits, something being referred to in certain quarters as the "Steelers rule," and it didn't take the players long to respond. Via tweet, naturally.  From the always eloquent James Harrison:

"I'm absolutely sure now after this last rule change that the people making the rules at the NFL are idiots."

And from the Steelers' other Pro Bowl outside linebacker, LaMarr Woodley:

"Thoughts on 'the steelers rule'??? lol im sorry that im not sorry we hit 2 hard."

LOL'ing at Joe Flacco
This is what happens to winners, guys.  People try to tear you down.  I'm just surprised at the lack of support for the sentiments of Harrison and Woodley among their teammates in the Twitterverse.  What could they be up to?  Let's see what's on the minds of some other Steelers today.  You know, just to check in.

R_Mendenhall: "If you have a "closed mind", how can anything get in?"

mvp86hinesward"OMG! I can't believe it! First I want to say THANK YOU to all my fans and Steeler Nation, Bulldog Nation, and..."

AntonioBrown84"Didn't know u had to wear polo at the gulf range?! Gulf etiquette polo and cache shorts shm where dey do that at?"

Not a Big Gulfer
Ike_SwagginU"S/O to all my followers haters ain't gotta like but makem respectya SWAGGIN"

RMundy29: "Time? RT : RT : Hangover 2 Tonight??!!"

SSylvester55" ahhhh brah you Betta fo wild them thangs Is hella fun... I had em in Hawaii goin Ham lol"

Indeed.  I think I speak for all of GTOG Nation when I say, thank you, Twitter.

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  1. Hilarious! I am calling Art to have him confiscate all internet connectivity for his players as soon as he is able to do so. Is that a violation of the ban on communicating about football?