Saturday, May 28, 2011

Net Mouth Scramble: Sid Check-Up; Comrie and Kovy Check Out; Bruins Checkmate

By Artistry

Greetings on this perfectly lovely start to the Memorial Day weekend. Things are really looking up. For starters, Ray Shero said Friday that we should know sometime this week whether or not it's OK to get excited about next season and confirmed that he hasn't completely lost his mind. Also, phase 1 of my plan to get Shawntel - AKA the Comely Mortician, AKA the Smoking Hot Undertaker - to date Finesse is underway. I'll explain.

- Shelly Anderson reports today that Sidney Crosby will soon be re-evaluated by concussion specialist Michael Collins and - this is where GTOG encourages you to address the higher power of your choice and cash in whatever chips you think you can in order to help make this happen - hopefully will get clearance to begin an offseason workout program.  Everybody is still saying they expect a full recovery in time for the start of the season.

This is What a Full Recovery Looks Like
- Shero confirmed that we won't see Mike Comrie or Alexei Kovalev next year and neither provided nor was asked to provide any further explanation. I think we get it. Talks with Craig Adams have reached an impasse, apparently, but look for that deal to get done almost immediately after the league formally announces that the salary cap is going up in 2011-12.

- In case you missed Friday's spectacular Game 7 in Boston, Nathan Horton got the game's only goal in maybe the most exciting 1-0 game in memory.

I would be remiss if I didn't point out that we told you last June that Florida GM Dale Tallon was crazy to ship Horton and Colin Campbell's son to the Bruins for Dennis Wideman and two draft picks. That's almost Milbury-esque.

- There was some talk on Versus last night about what a nightmare matchup Zdeno Chara will be for the Sedin twins. On the contrary, the guess here is that the Sedin twins are going to make Chara's head spin. Vancouver in 6.

- The Cup Finals don't begin for like 5 more days. No hurry. It's only May 28.

- Finally, we're trying to get Shawntel Newton from last season of the Bachelor to join us for a Bachelorette Raw Emotion podcast.  Once we get her on the line, I'm sure it won't take long for Finesse to convince her he can guard and protect her heart. I tweeted Shawntel on Friday, and though she hasn't completely let down her walls, she did give us a retweet. Let's keep the pressure on. Tweet @Shawntel_Newton and let her know you'd like to hear from her on the @gtogblog podcast.

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