Monday, May 16, 2011

Maybe Pittsburgh: Jagr's Long Goodbye

By Artistry

Decades from now, when Jaromir Jagr is old and infirm, a reporter from the Edmonton Journal will surely visit the aging legend with the wispy soul-patch and surprisingly vibrant silver mullet in his Kladno rest home, and the reporter will ask him, any chance of you packing up your walker with the tennis balls on the legs and taking that thing on the road to Pittsburgh? 

Here's the latest on Jags from Sunday's Journal (via Emptynetters):

“You never know. Maybe it will be still fun to go back to NHL,” Jagr said mere minutes after collecting a bronze medal at the IIHF world hockey championship when the Czechs beat Russia 7-4 on Sunday. “Maybe Pittsburgh. I don’t know. Maybe Montreal. Maybe New York. Pittsburgh, I played there for a long time. Mario is the owner. It’s better to play with great centres like (Sidney) Crosby and (Evgeni) Malkin, (then) this game is a little bit easier and I’m not young anymore. I would like to score some goals, empty-netters with those guys and it’s a lot easier.” - Jaromir Jagr

Whatever, dude. I'm not letting my walls down on this one. You won't hurt me again.

Meanwhile, Ron Cook, always with the impeccable timing, offered his initial take this morning on the possibility that Jagr ends up with the Penguins, possibly unaware that the guys that work one cubicle over - Dejan Kovacevic and even Hall-of-Fame Dave Molinari - have been all over this for weeks. In other news, the Post Gazette reports, athletes and social media can be a combustible combination. Really? GTOG hadn't noticed.


  1. I think we need to keep the walls up on this one. Seems like Jagr being Jagr -- just saying things for the sake of saying things. I'm not sure he has the fire to play 82 games at the league minimum, when he could make 5x the money in Russia and skate on an Olympic size rink.

    It would be much better if we were talking about the Pens in the conference finals right now.

  2. Jagr does a mea culpa...the city of Pittsburgh forgives...America has yet another example of a re-birth! It'll be a beautiful thing! On the other hand, I thought meeting up with my ex-girlfriend on a Greek island when I was doing the Eurorail post college thing was a good idea and not even Ouzo could prevent that from turning out to be a disaster! -Blunt Instrument