Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fast Willie Parker Implies That Several Redskins Were at Lapdance Tuesday UPDATE: Andray Blatche Responds

By Artistry

The timing was perfect. No sooner did Washington Wizards forward and resident Twitter genius Andray Blatche announce via tweet that he was "bout to go hard n the paint" for "Lapdance Tuesday," than former Steeler and Redskin Fast Willie Parker proclaimed that Washington's football players only care about partying and "stuff like that," i.e. "Lapdance Tuesday."  Just to be clear, everybody who is anybody on D.C. sports teams that don't make the playoffs was apparently at "Lapdance Tuesday" last night. 

This is exactly the kind of synergy Ted Leonsis was hoping for when he bought the Wizards to pair with his Capitals; it's just between the wrong two teams.  There is a possibility that Mr. Blatche, who has previously used his Twitter account to threaten fans and - in case you hadn't figured this out yet - came directly from high school to the NBA, may try to hunt us down and engage us in fisticuffs for blowing his "Lapdance Tuesday" cover, which he had heretofore been so careful to keep under wraps.

Hiding from Andray Blatche is just one more reason why we do this anonymously.  As for Fast Willie, after his brief stint in D.C., he had this to say: "You appreciate Pittsburgh a little bit more after going somewhere else and seeing what another team has to offer.”  In other words, "Lapdance Tuesday."

UPDATE: Andray Blatche has responded on Twitter [follow us on Twitter]


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