Friday, May 6, 2011

Did Ron Cook just call GTOG "gutless, really"?

By Finesse

If there is one person who stirs up the emotions of GTOG, it's Ali Fedotowski.

If there's a second, it's the Post-Gazette's own, Ron Cook.  By now you're probably familiar with our Ron Cook Poetry - that simple exercise where we take all the random one-line rhetorical questions in his columns and arrange them in order to form the type of genius that could only have been created if Edgar Allen Poe had a love child with Emily Dickinson.  For example, here's today's poem, titled "The Point Is It's May":
You might regret it later.
Nor should he.
But since when did life become fair and just?
The last time I checked, this is America.
They are gutless, really.
But for a lot of others?
Not so much.
Funny how that works, isn't it?
The point is it's May.
Brilliance.  What?  Really, brilliance.

But let's drill further, which is something no other Cook column has ever required.  He writes:
I also respect Mendenhall for having the nerve to put his name on his beliefs. This Internet age would be such a better time if there were more people like him in that regard and fewer of the people who need the strength from anonymity to spout off their hurtful thoughts and opinions. They wouldn't be nearly so courageous without that anonymity. They are gutless, really.
With immense and unwarranted hubris, we ask: is he talking about GTOG?  We do write with anonymity (sort of), but we don't spout "hurtful thoughts and opinions."  Straight facts, homey.  In the .001% chance that he was talking about GTOG, we respond as follows:  Last time I checked, this is America.  And if anyone should be writing anonymously, it's Cook.

I know this column is all over the place.  But, the point is it's May.



  1. Woah, you're taking heat from the man.


    Last time I checked, that is.

    May is nice.

    October is best.

    That's my point.


  2. George, you're the second nominee this week for funniest comment of the year.