Friday, April 15, 2011

Stamkos Promises To Try Harder; Lightning Blog Adamant About Lecavalier

By Artistry

After being told over the course of his entire adult life and much of his childhood that he would have to raise his "compete level" in the NHL playoffs, Little Stevie Stamkos finally realized Thursday that he needs to raise his "compete level" in the NHL playoffs.  "[My] compete level has to rise," Stamkos acknowledged.  "My compete level? Let's bring it up a notch," Stamkos told himself again during the Friday morning skate.  Then he just completely lost it.  "Raise it!  Raise it!  Raise your f---ing compete level, Stamkos!  Get it through your f---ing head!"  Shaken, Guy Boucher immediately convened another hour long team meeting.

We've spent a few minutes this week looking at some Lightning blogs. We admire these folks for planting their hockey flag in Tampa. "Don't Trade Vinny" jokes that Sidney Crosby was controlling the officiating from his Game 1 perch in the press box. The old "There's an NHL Conspiracy favoring the Penguins" routine gets us every time. Too funny. Hang on. Woooo. That one was too much. Here's another post they did on, wait for it, Sidney Crosby Wine. Classic. Did you guys come up with that all on your own?

"DTV," your material is so fresh and exciting, you certainly don't need any advice from GTOG.  But just one thing:  calling your blog "Don't Trade Vinny" may have worked in, like, 2005.  But in 2011, probably only the New York Rangers are in the market for a 30-year-old 25-goal scorer making $7.7 million a year through 2020.  So it's sort of like calling your blog "Hire Barry Melrose" or "Simon Gagne Belongs on the Canadian Olympic Team."  You see?  Just trying to help.  Good luck tonight.


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