Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pens vs. Lightning: The Season Series

By Finesse

The most memorable thing about the Pens/Lightning clashes from the 2010-11 season is the Hedman hit on Crosby.  I don't know about you, but I think I need to get that to stop being the only thing I think about when I think about the season series.  I think.

To do that, here are links to our recaps of the four Pens/Lightning games this season, with some highlights:

October 28, 2010: Scratching Max Talbot is Hard To Do; Pens Lose 5-3
With only a few exceptions (Sid, Letang, Adams), the team looked discombobulated. Tampa, for all its offensive talent, was there for the taking. It didn't happen. There are many reasons why. I wrote them all down on a piece of paper, which I forgot to pick up off the kitchen table this morning. Little Artistry's nanny is going to think I left her a note that "Talbot sucks" and "MAF has no clue on plays from behind the net," among other things. I'm not sure she'll be able to decipher this.
November 13, 2010: We Have a Pulse; Pens Win 5-1
The implications of losing this game likely would have been more extreme than the benefits of winning it, but it was by any measure an important moment. Fleury finally showed signs of getting out of his own head, even though he didn't have the chance to overcome his tendency to give up an early goal, if only because the Lightning didn't shoot.
Has a pulse.
January 6, 2011:  Pens Steamroll Lightning 8-1; Victor Hedman Only a -3 Despite Appearing Responsible for Every Pens' Goal
In stark contrast to the Pens' D was Lightning defenseman Victor Hedman, who turned in the worst performance of any Pens' opponent we have seen all year. He was slow, terrible, awful, and got knocked over hard by Chris Conner. And this was before he got absolutely toasted on Mark Letestu's goal.
One negative from this game is only one point from Sid. The one positive is that we got to watch Steven Stamkos get no points and humiliate himself on a penalty shot.
[Sadly shaking our heads].

April 1, 2011: Tampa Sucks; Pens Lose 2-1
If you're anything like us, then you were texting your friends late in the first period and throughout the second period talking about how the Pens were playing terribly and the playoffs were looking like a one-and-done scenario.  And then you overheard the Tampa announcers (because you're watching on the Package) talk about how the Pens are totally outplaying Tampa and started the second period with a 9-0 advantage in shots.  You probably did a double-take and came to the only conclusion that you possibly could.  That's right.  Tampa sucks.
Eight-foot tall Victor Hedman wanted no part of Tyler Kennedy during a second period scrum.  That was straight baby thighs, son.  Vic, this is not a rec league.  Wait until you're on Consol ice for four games and the Pens start throwing the puck into your corner just to let James Neal and Chris Kunitz punish you.  Thanks for the playoff preview. 
I think we know who our number 1 target is this series...


  1. Hockey emergency.

    I too have to get my games via tha Package and was just setting up the DVR when ... no Pens games scheduled!

    I thought the first round was part of the Package. What is the situation with y'all?

  2. Courtesy of puck daddy, here is the round 1 TV schedule:


    Usually when it is listed as CBC, that is simulcast on NHL network, so that's where I'm anticipating it will be on. This is actually great news, as CBC is awesome.

  3. I got nothin'. I was using Seth's updated list from EN: http://blogs.sites.post-gazette.com/index.php/sports/empty-netters/26517-game-4-change-to-7-pm-start-04-11-11

    NHL Network is scheduled for 37,951 hours of NHL on the fly during the Pens game on Weds.

    It would be a damn shame to watch 78 regular season Pens games but get locked out of the first round.

  4. Is it possible that the dearth of comments on the podcast(which I listened to all the way to the end)is because of the podcast length?

  5. George - if you have Comcast, then it is on Game Channel 13. I found that this morning when I clicked over to the channel. It has the listings for the three games tonight. Unfortunately, it doesn't have it listed on the regular menu view so that's why it looks like it is not on. Also, it's looking like it won't be in HD.

    Comcast gives the NHL embarrassing second-class treatment and I refuse from this point forward to buy their package again. Next season, I'll get it through NHL.com and hook up my computer to the TV. Inexcusable. But they own the Flyers, so incompetence is to be expected.