Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pens to Play Lightning

By Finesse

The Pens' first-round matchup is set, and for the first time in the Crosby Era, the Pens will not have the two best players on the ice in a playoff series.

Not going to lie. A little nervous.
A few global reactions this morning:

1) This is a 50/50 series. We've recently written that Tampa sucks, but that doesn't mean the Pens are the favorites. When you can't score three goals with any regularity, and you're playing a team loaded with top-end talent, the potential for a "Pens outshoot Lightning 41-24, lose 4-2" headline is omnipresent.

2) If form holds in Round 1, which it never does in the NHL, you-know-who is on deck for Round 2.

3) The Carolina Hurricanes saw the egg the Rangers laid against Atlanta on Thursday, and raised them a baker's dozen. Inexcusable performance on home ice. Should we be giving some credit to the Lightning? Probably, but Tampa sucks. (If we say it enough, we can convince ourselves it's true).

Paul Maurice.
Who knows what we will write about the Pens' now meaningless game this afternoon. But stay tuned on Monday night for our extended super mega ultra playoff preview podcast.



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