Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The NFL Draft: Where Miracles Happen

By Artistry

The NFL draft is less than two weeks away, and we're already looking forward to the magical moment when Roger Goodell steps to the podium with the Steelers' pick and announces the name of an offensive lineman or cornerback none of us has ever heard of.  And when the Commissioner Whose Legacy Isn't Looking Too Good Right Now announces the 31st pick in the draft, that lucky individual may be transformed into a player we have heard of and will always remember, joining the ranks of historical figures such as William Gay, Max Starks, and William I. Colon. 

Immortalized Colon
Inevitably, some players will not be taken in the first round.  Instead, they will fall to the second, third, or possibly as low as the sixth round.  As the minutes pass and they wait for their name to be called, these men will stare the possibility that they may have to get a real job right in the face.  As someone who has a real job but is blogging right now, I can appreciate how devastating that can be.

It's OK, Tom.  Let it out.  Do a little hair flip if you need to.  Such is the drama of the NFL draft.  We're planning to cover it sporadically extensively and do a post-draft podcast, although, to be candid, we're a little distracted right now.



  1. I was glad to see that GTOG is not one dimensional at this time of the year. Keep your balance for your multi-dimensional fans. Isn't little Artistry a Steeler fan too?

  2. Little Artistry is a huge Steeler fan, and particularly a Hines Ward fan. I take issue, BDog, with you insinuating that GTOG is not multi-dimensional. Have you missed all of our Rebecca Black posts?