Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kunitz Gets 1 Game Suspension; GTOG Exhales

By Artistry

Nobody had any idea what was coming down today from the NHL disciplinary office.  We thought Chris Kunitz was getting at least two games for a blatant elbow to Simon Gagne's noggin, and with the way the league plays pin the tail on the donkey with suspensions, it wouldn't have been a complete surprise if it handed him three games.  But, as Finesse observed, Kunitz probably let Gary Bettman touch his hands.  Instant leniency.  He sits out Wednesday but returns for the always pivotal Game 5.

So Good. So Right.
It probably didn't hurt that the league announced an enormous TV contract today.  People are in a good mood.  Steve Downie also got a 1 game suspension, I guess under the theory that clocking Ben Lovejoy was only 5% as bad as Downie's hit a few years back on Dean McAmmond.  Whatever.

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