Friday, April 8, 2011

The Kinder, Gentler New York Islanders

By Artistry

As the Penguins prepare for a return engagement with the Islanders tonight, the guys who tried to decapitate Eric Tangradi, maul Brent Johnson, and strangle Max Talbot are playing it casual and pooh-poohing the debacle of February 11.

"The game did get a little bit out of control..." - Matt Martin

"Some people would say it got out of hand."  - Zenon Konopka

"The game blew up there a little bit." - Trevor Gillies

Yes, things did get a wee bit out of hand, didn't they?

Eric Godard will be in the lineup tonight. He will glower menacingly at the Islanders bench, but then his glare will soften into a smile, and he will utter words more painful than a fist to the chops could ever be.

Enjoy Golf.

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