Friday, April 15, 2011

GTOG Instant Reaction: Some things never change; Pens lose 5-1

By Finesse

If the there is one lesson you can learn from the first two games of this series, it’s that what you do well in the regular season and what you don’t do well in the regular season will not suddenly change just because you are in the playoffs. At 5-on-5, the Pens are very good, as was evident throughout Game 1 and much of the second and third period tonight. But at 5-on-4, the Pens are brutal and have been all season. There is no reason to think that the power play won’t be the major cause of the Pens’ demise these playoffs, if and when that demise occurs. And even though the Pens finished with the #1 penalty kill in the league, they were also tops in the league at taking undisciplined, momentum killing penalties. So again, no surprise there.

Sometimes the whiteout doesn't look right.
This isn't time to panic.  Nothing is going to come easy this postseason.  The Pens struggle to score goals and, at the risk of sounding like an ex-NFL player, you're going to have to score some goals to win in this league.  Oh, and you may want to consider not having the first shot Fleury sees come on an uncontested 2-on-1.  Lest we forget what happens before Fleury is adequately warmed up...

As Bob Errey said infinite times tonight, "Game 2 is big.  You can't overstate how big Game 2's are."  So what does that make Game 3?


Full recap coming tomorrow.

Go Pens.

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