Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bleacher Report Article on Fleury Concludes, "We'll See"

By Finesse

The Bleacher Report has more readers than we do.  Significantly more.  Like, in the same way that Rebecca Black has more fun than you.  But that's no excuse for this, a cookie-cutter, bland, uninteresting, resuscitation of tired story-lines, seemingly written by a 7th grader with a 5th grade reading level.  Too harsh?  Just read it.

In classic Bleacher Report shameless-attempt-to-get-maximum-page-views style, here are the 5-best moments from this term paper:

5) "He and Ben Roethlisberger receive more blame than anybody in the city of Pittsburgh when their teams are struggling. This shows the importance of a quarterback and a goaltender to a team."

Seeing the name "Ben Roethlisberger" in any article about the Pens scares me.

Worst case scenario.
4) "Without the consistent goal scoring, Fleury has been relied upon more often."

Classic cause-effect right there.  Did you catch that?  Economics 101.

3) "If a goalie is "hot" a team is more likely to advance."

In a related story, if your goalie sucks, he's Chris Osgood.

2) "If Crosby does come back, Fleury cannot relax and think that the offense will come."

Apparently if Sid is back in Round 2, Fleury will think, "Should I stop this slap shot?  Eh, Sid is over there.  I don't feel like it."

1) "Can Fleury get it done? Only time will tell."

If you want to know the weather this weekend, ask me on Monday.

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