Friday, April 22, 2011

Wake Up With GTOG: Andrew Ference Denies Speaking For Us All

By Finesse

There was a great moment in the Bruins-Habs game last night after ex-Penguin Andrew Ference scored for Boston to cut the Habs' lead to 3-2.  He gave a fist pump, a stick raise, and, oh by the way, the middle finger to the Bell Center crowd.  Before you speak critically of him for doing it, remember the splint you had to wear on your right middle finger for 3 weeks after the Pens were eliminated by the Habs last year.

Remarkably, Ference is denying that he was giving the finger, instead claiming, "I think my glove got caught up."  That's rich.  Clearly he is trying to avoid the suspension he will likely get unless Colin Campbell decides that this was a "hockey play" or gives some other inarticulate explanation.

Andy, have a seat and talk to GTOG.

Finesse's Kitchen
Own this one.  You never score and so you got excited.  Your career is decent, but otherwise unremarkable outside of your fight against Sidney Crosby.  This is your chance to be remembered, to be a hero.  No one likes Habs fans.  No one likes the Canadiens.  Embrace being the people's representative.

To be serious for a moment, this was an idiotic decision by Ference.  It must have felt good at the time, but we assume he instantly regretted it when he realized he would likely get suspended so he started blaming his glove for the actions of his finger.  That's like blaming your toothpaste when you say something stupid.

Big wins though for the B's and Sharks last night.  And huge loss by the Canucks.  Mental toughness is a funny thing...

Go Pens.

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