Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We Prefer to Get Down on Saturday, As We Are Usually a Bit Tired on Friday

By Artistry

It was with a mixture of confusion, awe, and pride that I watched the video Finesse sent me last night.  You may be among the 35 million people who have seen it already.  If you haven't, pull up a chair.  Meet Rebecca Black.  She loves Friday.

I watched this with pride because only in America would parents have the opportunity to encourage their daughter to do anything, even something that will in all likelihood force her to change schools to avoid ridicule.  Unless the kids she goes to school with are the kids in the video, in which case they will all be deliriously happy it's Friday and so focused on fun, fun, and thinking about fun that they'll accept her unconditionally.

I was in awe, as evidenced by my mouth hanging open the entire time I watched, and then I just couldn't speak for a while.  This thing affected me profoundly.

It also left me bewildered, because GTOG recently made a video that's clearly superior, cost roughly $4 to produce, yet has only a tiny fraction of the views on youtube.

Why hasn't GTOG Everybody gone viral?  Not enough music?  Our failure to point out that yesterday was Thursday, tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterward?  No front seat-back seat conundrum?  Confusing, right? 

OK, Rebecca Black.  You've thrown down the gauntlet, and we respect your audacity.  You leave us no choice.  We're making a GTOG music video.  And we're planning an emergency podcast to break down "Friday."  Frame by frame, if necessary.

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  1. I heard a clip of that song on the radio the other day and couldn't believe it. Like you said, it leaves one speechless.

    Great post and I can't wait for your "Friday" podcast and music video!