Friday, March 25, 2011

Rebecca Black's Next Challenge: "All Natural Disasters"

By Finesse

So much has been written and said about Rebecca Black, yet I feel we are just scratching the surface.  This is a youngster who dreams big, and no obstacle can stand in her way:  Consider:
  1. She defeated indecision, having selected the back seat over the front seat.
  2. She conquered the calendar, recognizing that Thursday is before Friday, then comes Saturday, and Sunday is afterrrwwwaaaaaarrddsss.
  3. She's had a stranglehold on fun since at least Monday.
  4. She's isolated the friend on her left, choosing only to recognize the friend on her right.
That's a lot for one person to accomplish by age 13.  So, naturally, she is on to the next challenge, and even if you may be skeptical, remember -- her YouTube video has something like 50 million hits.

From Entertainment Weekly:
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: On Leno you said that you are donating most of your YouTube and iTunes proceeds to earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan. That’s really cool. What made you decide to do that? I don’t think anyone would hold it against a 13-year-old for keeping the money from her first hit record.
REBECCA BLACK: I felt really bad about [the disaster in Japan]. I’ve always wanted to do something about all natural disasters, and I realized now is my big opportunity where I can really help.
An admirable goal, to be sure.  Can she pull it off?  I wouldn't bet against her.


  1. What a sweetheart. Rebecca Black is the anti-Jaden Smith.

  2. We're coming perilously close to having too many strong opinions on teenagers.