Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Post-Gazette Taking Our Advice From the Rebecca Black "Friday" Video

By Finesse

As we discussed at length in this podcast, the key to viral success on the internet, as proven by Rebecca Black's "Friday" song, is not quality - it's sequencing.  People need to know what they are seeing, be told exactly what they are seeing, be reminded what they saw before, and then be told what they are seeing next.  And then be told again.

So this morning, our friends over at the PG stepped up their game.  At 12:00am today, Ron Cook posted a column titled, "Hart Should go to MVP Fleury."  Not to be outdone, Bob Smizik whipped something together and at 12:30AM posted a blog titled, "Fleury Deserves MVP Consideration."  Maybe they had Smizik post something to answer all the one-word rhetorical questions in Cook's column? [I know, it's a rhetorical question].

Stay tuned later this afternoon for Artistry's post on the fact that Ron Cook and Bob Smizik wrote the exact same thing this morning.

Meanwhile, to get you ready for tonight, here is one of the greatest moments in Pens-Flyers history.  This video still makes me fist pump.

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