Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pitt is the New Miami, and That's Not Even the Bad News

By Artistry

Sure, it's embarrassing to the University of Pittsburgh that its football players get arrested more often than Charlie Sheen gets high on a drug called Charlie Sheen. Whoa now, another one just got arrested. How about that.

Godspeed,...uh, name it is...Todd Graham.
But what's really troubling us this afternoon is that Pens coach Dan Bylsma just pronounced Sidney Crosby as "still with concussion symptoms." That may be just another way of saying Crosby is "not yet symptom-free," a statement we've been hearing again and again for weeks. But somehow it sounds worse. Finesse says he's done for the year, and you can book it. I don't know. I'm not there yet.


  1. Pens need 3 points in the next 3 games (at Tor, at NJ, at Boston). No reason not to get 2 tonight, especially if James Reimer is in goal again.

  2. sid is done. for the year. no doubt. sad but true. why do pens need 3 points in next 3 games?

    atleast miami had bowl game appearances to show for it.