Thursday, March 24, 2011

GTOG Podcast: How Can The Rebecca Black "Friday" Phenomenon Work For Us?

Rebecca Black, the 13-year-old "singer" whose song 'Friday' has accumulated 40 million YouTube hits in less than 10 days, is taking America by storm.  We at GTOG are not immune.  But rather than ridicule the song like most of the "haters" out there, we dissect the song frame-by-frame and ask ourselves, "What lessons, other than fun, fun, and fun, can we learn from Rebecca Black?"

The podcast breaks the video down into 4 parts, so you can queue up the video below and follow along with us.  Enjoy.

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Check out our initial reaction to the video here.

Fan of Fun, Partying, Weekends, and Fun.  But not Seat-belts.


  1. Is GTOG going to do anything special tomorrow to celebrate it being Friday? What are GTOG's thought's on Thursday?

  2. Our current position on Thursday is that today is Thursday. As for what we're planning for tomorrow, we can tell you we anticipate fun, fun, and thinking about fun. We're not prepared to commit to anything further at this time.

  3. Rebecca Black on Jay Leno last night.

  4. Whew... I can tell you exactly what we can learn here... When Mommy and Daddy encourage you by saying you can be anything you want to be... it's a lie. The encouragement should be more like "You can be anything you want to be within reason". It's not a matter of being a "hater"... it's a matter of this girl just can't sing... even a little. Granted some folks can get out of hand with their opinions but hey, if you've got the balls to put your vid out there, then be prepared to handle the criticism. Sorry GTOG... she sucks!