Thursday, March 31, 2011

GTOG Sells Out; We Immediately Forget Where We Came From

By GTOG Staff

We apologize to those loyal fans who were so accustomed to seeing an enormous "Subscribe on iTunes" box that we couldn't figure out how to make smaller on the upper right hand corner of our sidebar, but in making our decision to enable advertisments, we were just being economically rational people.  Owning the machine that is GTOG is like sitting on an oasis of crude oil - at some point, you have to drill, baby, drill.  Have we sold out?  Of course.  Will we actually be able to buy anything with our ad revenue?  Of course not.

For those who hate the new ads on the right, give it a chance.  It's pretty intuitive.  For example, we are working on our 2011 MLB preview post to preview the season that we just this morning remembered starts today, and in conjunction with the preview, we searched our site for "Barry Bonds."  The two ads that came up?  "Helping Africans in D.C." and "Music for a Visual Media."

It's like Google is inside our brains.

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