Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dancing With Hines Ward

By Artistry

Like a classic blindside hit by the titular Hall of Fame-bound Steelers wide receiver, we never saw this coming.

Does Hines Ward's presence on the new season of the ABC show mean GTOG will watch "Dancing with the Stars?" I can't speak for Finesse, but this might be where I draw the line, despite Sugar Ray Leonard's observation that DWTS is "spiritual." In a world - and in a blog - where sports and pop culture have become so intertwined, there is still something to be said for compartmentalization.

A couple of other notes this morning:

- Pirate beat writer, former Penguin beat writer, and longtime GTOG favorite Dejan Kovacevic has a nice piece in the PPG on Kris Letang. For the record, we were pushing Letang for the Norris in October.

- Hall of Fame hockey writer Dave Molinari rebounded nicely after sleeping through the NHL trade deadline by introducing a new hockey term this morning: the "Full Frontal Kovalev." It's his vivid use of metaphor and imagery that put Molinari in the Hall of Fame in the first place. Thanks for that one.

- Huge African episode of the Bachelor last night, complete with moments like Brad checking out a giraffe as he courts one of the Ladies and says things like, "That's a very pretty animal you know what I mean? In a weird way. I mean, this is his home." GTOG has a retroactive liveblog coming later today.

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  1. can you say special episode... who better to make a guest appearance on DWTS stars than Lynn Swann (teaching Hines some moves). now that's an episode i would watch. wait a second, no i wouldn't. even with hines, i WILL NOT watch this show. come to think of it, i would lose all respect if any penguins player (former or present) appeared on this show. ok maybe if ron duguay went on i'd watch. or luuuuuuuc. was there ever a cooler penguin than luc?