Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Morning Whatever: We May Need to Start Watching Pitt Basketball

By Artistry

It's come to GTOG's attention that some other blog copies and pastes the schedule of NHL games into a blog post every day, adds helpful tips like "This should be a good one!", and calls it the "Morning Skate." So we're not going to use that descriptor for our A.M. posts anymore. At this rate, we may not even get out of bed.

As discussed in depth on Monday night's Megapod Podcast of the Century, it was a bit of a rough weekend for Pittsburgh sports fans. Had a couple of bumps in the road. Now, Rob Rossi reports that there is no truth to the rumor that Sidney Crosby is going to sit out the rest of the season with a concussion, but no one in Crosby's camp is ruling that out. I feel a little bit like Chantal on "The Bachelor" right now, in that I'm crying and saying things like, "If this isn't going to happen, just tell me now, just send me home now." I don't know if I can stand the uncertainty either, Chantal, I really don't.

No Chantal Until You're Symptom Free
On a related note, Finesse observes that the PPG is completely missing the boat on this story: "They don't realize that what people want right now is news on when Crosby is coming back. That's it. No one cares about what Eric Tangradi is wearing to the rink. It's almost like they plan a month's worth of stories and then stick to the plan no matter what else happens." That sounds about right.

Is everybody feeling good and depressed now? Fear not, our Bachelor Recap is coming later today. That'll get your mind right.

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