Friday, February 11, 2011

Islanders Have AHL Talent; Play Like An ECHL Team

By Finesse

If it's even possible, the New York Islanders should be even more embarrassed than they ever have been.  Their arena, fans, players, goalie, DiPietro contract, Garth Snow, etc. are nothing compared to Martin, Gilles and Haley.  What jokes.

Incredible game.  One for the ages.  Islanders won the battle.  Pens won the war.  The war of relevance, life, success, intelligence, talent, interest, and skill.

Don't worry about this loss.  It's meaningless.  Tony Granato may be coaching the Wheeling Nailers at MSG on Sunday.  Buckle up.


  1. I just finished watching this on DVR. I have plenty of thoughts but no words. Except this: Talbot looked shaken after Konopka attacked him. He really seemed to be troubled. I've seen Konopka play in the AHL and in my opinion he isn't ... balanced. But that incident seemed to touch a nerve.

    Also, a stick-tap to Finesse and Artistry for those game-night posts. Nice work.