Sunday, February 13, 2011

GTOG Podcast: Mario Speaks, We Listen, Then We Speak

By Finesse

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Step 4: Listen to us.  This time, we're fired up.  After another rough weekend for the Pens, we discuss the aftermath of the Debacle on Long Island and the Pens' 5-3 loss to the Rangers at MSG.  We also break down the statement from Le Magnifique where he absolutely dominates the NHL.  Plus, in a radical non-sequitur, a quick preview of our review of the Justin Bieber movie.

You can listen in the player below or on our podcast page.  And, if you're really looking to be difficult, you can download the mp3 file here.

Here is the Lemieux statement.

Here is the Puck Daddy piece we discuss.

Here is the AP story with the quotes from Isles' GM Garth Snow.

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