Monday, February 28, 2011

GTOG NHL Trade Deadline Liveblog

By GTOG Staff

With the trade deadline looming, the Twitter-verse tells us this morning that prices are sky-high even for depth players. Ray Shero clearly had an accurate read of the situation when he pulled the trigger early, sending Alex Goligoski and a 7th round draft choice out the door in exchange for James Neal, Alexei Kovalev, and Matt Niskanen. That's some deal-making right there. Expect Shero to sit back and watch prices drop as 3 p.m. approaches. If nothing happens, so be it. GTOG will be updating this post all day long.

Job: Wishes He Had Ray Shero's Patience

Artistry, 3:50 PM - Shero just spoke. Three notable comments: 1) He sees Dustin Jeffrey sticking with the team the rest of the year. Cue the "Sid is done" speculation; 2) He was asked if Washington being active made him waver after he decided to sit tight. His answer: "No."; 3) He volunteered that Eric Tangradi was never offered in a trade, going out of his way to stamp out speculation making the rounds earlier in the day.

Artistry, 3:38 PM - Now the reports are Arnott for Steckel and a 2nd rounder. Makes a lot more sense. I'm not sure I would have given up a 2nd rounder alone for Arnott.

Artistry, 3:23 PM - Higgins to Vancouver. What a house cleaning by Florida. Too bad they won't get any free agents to sign there. Looks like Caps may have paid nothing more for Arnott. Get ready for everybody to crown GMGM as the deadline winner. But he is who we think he is. If you want to crown his ass, crown it.

Artistry, 3:17 PM - Continuing to scratch our heads over Arnott reports; figure there has to be something more than Steckel involved. Word of other deals trickling in: Lapierre from Ducks to Canucks; 47-year-old Fred Modin from Atlanta to Calgary.

Artistry, 3:09 PM - Early word is Caps acquire Arnott for David Steckel. Finesse now starting the process of convincing himself Arnott sucks. We know David Steckel sucks.

Artistry, 3:00 PM - Crickets.

Artistry, 2:47 PM - Bryan Allen for Sergei Samsanov, confirmed. Rossi reports that Shero is holding a presser at 3:30 PM, indicating Pens may be done. Two possibilities here: 1) deal he was working fell through; 2) he wants the GM he's dealing with to think he's walking away from the deal. We'll see.

Artistry, 2:29 PM - TSN reporting Penner to the Kings for some prospect and a pick. Rossi continues to pound the drum about the Pens trying to make a move. Possibly for Arnott. GTOG has mixed feelings about this. Maybe a 3rd and Dustin Jeffrey gets it done. Finesse speculates that Shero is looking to acquire someone no other GM even realizes is available.

Artistry, 2:13 PM - Rob Rossi reporting Penguins may be on the verge of something big. Where did that come from? GTOG refuses to get too high or too low. Brad Winchester from St. Louis to Anaheim for 3rd rounder.

Artistry, 2:02 PM - Things finally starting to pick up again. Chris Campoli dealt by Ottawa to Chicago. Stan Bowman already negotiating a 7 yr., $82 million deal with Campoli. Marty Reasoner to Vancouver. Florida clearly angling for the top pick in the draft.

Finesse, 1:46 PM - Don't fret if Shero gives up a prospect for Arnott.  Ray knows when to sell high.  See: Esposito, Angelo; Welch, Noah

Artistry, 1:03 PM - Klesla was taken 4th overall in 2000. Rob Rossi just tweeted that Pens may be up to something. Dave Molinari just heard there is a thing called Twitter.

Artistry, 12:59 PM - Columbus sends Rotislav Klesla to Phoenix for Upshall and Sami Lepisto. Remember Klesla was a very high draft pick some years ago and got buried in Columbus.

Artistry, 12:30 PM - Caps GM George McPhee seen leaning against wall of elevator, on cell phone, sweating. Ray Shero seen meditating, getting pedicure.

Finesse, 12:16 PM - Caps get Wideman so they can move Mike Green?  I'm telling you, this is happening!!!

Artistry, 11:49 AM - Caps acquire Dennis Wideman from Florida for a #3 pick and a prospect. Wouldn't have pegged them for needing an offensive defenseman, but OK. Way to go.

Finesse, 11:30 AM - David Pagnotta on Twitter reports that Habs aren't trading Gomez.  In related news, U.S. is reporting that there is minimal interest from other countries in our spent nuclear fuel.

Artistry, 11:18 AM - Islanders trade that maniac Zenopka to the Ducks for a 2nd round pick. Isles decided they didn't need 7 criminals on the roster and can make do with 6. Good riddance. Now hearing this isn't final.

Artistry, 10:40 AM - Atlanta trades Bergfors and Rissmiller to Florida for Dvorak. I don't know Rissmiller, but sounds like vast overpayment by Atlanta. Dvorak was a decent player like 10 years ago.

Artistry, 10:38 AM - Atlanta just extended Mark Stuart for 3 yrs, $5.1 million. The fact that I felt obligated to provide that update proves I have a disease.

Artistry, 10:27 AM - Have to love how all of the hockey insiders are hedging this morning. You see a lot of "Don't be surprised if..." and "The Rangers may make a move, but I wouldn't put money on it" tweets. Here at GTOG, we make definitive statements, but don't be shocked if that doesn't happen.

Finesse, 10:23 AM - If the Pens have extra cap space, Mario will sign Marc Bergevin just because. He's also looking for way to give J.J. Daigneault money.

Finesse, 10:10 AM - I'm going to make a wild prediction based on no facts.  Caps are willing to move Mike Green.

Artistry, 10:07 AM - Rumor: Is Anisimov, a #1 pick, and a prospect the right price for Richards? Anisimov always scores against the Pens. I say they should make that deal. Richards to Gaborik will be a great combination for the 32 games they play together every year.

Artistry, 10:05 AM - LA Kings sign forward Justin Williams to a new 4 yr., $14.6 million deal. Good player. Seems like the right price.

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