Friday, February 11, 2011

Debacle on Long Island

By Artistry

Wayne Gretzky once famously referred to the New Jersey Devils as a "Mickey Mouse organization." I wonder what he might say tonight about the New York Islanders. Once they went up 6-0 on a Penguins' team playing five rookies at forward, one of their goons tried to pull a Todd Bertuzzi on Max Talbot. On Max Talbot's birthday.

Later, a second goon charged an unsuspecting Eric Tangradi and threw a flying elbow at his head. Then a third goon charged Brent Johnson, leading Eric Godard to rush off the bench to his goalie's defense. That's an automatic 10-game suspension for Godsy and a hefty fine for Dan Bylsma. Finally, a fourth goon tried to strangle Talbot while holding him down on the ice. You are reading all of this correctly. The Islanders dressed four goons tonight, and none were willing to look Deryk Engelland in the eye and ask him to fight.

Look at me. Look. At. Me.
It seems the Islanders may have been angry about Brent Johnson breaking Rick DiPietro's face, albeit after DiPietro tried to take out Matt Cooke and then accepted BJ's invitation to fight. Or they were upset about the Penguins' laughing on the bench after DiPietro got housed. Or maybe they were just frustrated at being a laughingstock for the better part of the last 20 years. Whatever. They're a disgrace. And so were the referees, who may as well have just excused themselves after the first period.

Also, the Pens lost 9-3. It would be good if we could trade for Pavel Bure Michael Grabner at the deadline.

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