Friday, February 4, 2011

Almost Nobody Believes in Us

By Artistry

The Steelers aren't too popular outside of Pittsburgh today. The Vegas line is still Packers by 2.5. And based on the way things are trending, we may get to a 3-point spread by kickoff:
You know what this means. When the conventional wisdom is pointing so emphatically in one direction, it's time to think again. We're the underdogs. Fine. But there is something else going on here. Everybody wants to knock us off. They want to take what's ours. Our birthright. They want to rip the Polamalu jersey off of Little Artistry's back; they want to pry the Hines Ward action figure from his tiny fingers. We can't let that happen. And we won't.

Drink it in, America.
Look for a F--- you hat trick from Geno tonight.


  1. I disagree that Pouncey is out. Sure, maybe coach Tomlin pronounced him "out" and maybe everyone who watched his leg twist like a gumband in the Jets game realized instantaneously that he would not play in the Super Bowl. But... Maurkice Pouncey just came out and said he still has an 80% chance of playing. He did admit, however, that if Coach Tomlin officially submits a starting lineup without his name on it, his chances of playing drop to 60%.

  2. Waiting for another podcast

  3. The podcast is coming. After the Super Bowl, that is.