Friday, January 7, 2011

Net Mouth Scramble: Crosby Controversy; NBA All-Star Team is Loaded; Pitt Looking to Replace Harriet Miers with John Roberts; Looking for 24/7 DVDs

By Finesse

It's time to pick some low hanging fruit...

- The controversy manufacturing plant must be hiring, as various outlets are debating the source of Sidney Crosby's concussion and whether the Pens' medical staff did anything wrong.  Puck Daddy has the links.  Our official position: We don't care.  Whether the hit was from Steckel, Hedman, both, or neither, is irrelevant.  If the Pens knew he had a concussion, he wouldn't have played against Tampa.  If Crosby didn't feel OK to play, he wouldn't have played -- he, unlike a lot of fans, realizes that in an 82 game season, not every game really matters.  Thus, if he was hurting, he would have sat.  Our guess is that when he felt symptoms, he alerted the doctors and they agreed on a plan to sit for a week.  End of story.  Move along...

- Thank God for ESPN.  How else would we know that the NBA's Eastern Conference ALL-STAR TEAM is "loaded"?

Really Good Team.
- Speaking of All-Star games, much fuss has been made over the Pens claiming 4 of the top 6 spots based on fan voting (Sid, Fleury, Letang, Malkin).  Any fuss over this is too much fuss.  After all, we're talking about the NHL All-Star game.  Will we watch it and live-blog it?  Depends if the Bachelor is on.

- There is a rumor going around that at some point, maybe even in 2011, Auburn and Oregon will actually play for the National Championship.

- The biggest news in college football as far as GTOG is concerned, is the news that Pitt is looking to put the memorable and uber-successful Mike Haywood era behind it by hiring the man they should have hired 8 years ago, Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley.  Bradley should be next in line for the Penn State job, but that succession is complicated by Joe Paterno's immortality, Joe's unqualified son Jay, and rumors that when Joe does hang it up, or die during a two-point conversion as Ron Cook would prefer, PSU will be looking to bring someone in from the outside.  I feel bad for Bradley having to take the job after Haywood -- as the old saying goes, you never want to be the coach to follow a legend, you want to be the coach who follows the coach that follows a legend.

- The appropriately named, but previously unknown, Stu Hackel of Sports Illustrated must be inside Artistry's brain because he wrote the same column about 24/7 that Artistry wrote yesterday morning, except he couldn't eloquently include the phrase "narrative arc" and wasn't, hopefully, watching with Mrs. Artistry. 

- But, one thing Stu does have right is that he is seeking support from "bloggers" to have HBO release deleted scenes from 24/7, as if they haven't thought of that.  Despite penning this garbage, we can get on board with Stu.


  1. The Crosby controversy is beyond absurd. The Penguins decided to sacrifice his long term health for the Tampa Bay game in January? Really, that's what happened? Great theory.

  2. Great post. Stu Hackel most likely gets paid for visits to his posts -- or garbage as Finesse aptly called it. That's why he's so active responding to comments and stirring things up. GTOG Nation should refrain from visiting his blog.

    As for his comment that Crosby is a hypocrite (can give it, but can't take it), it's worth remembering what John Bucigross said not too long ago:

    "I watch parts of just about every NHL game. I don't watch "Lost" or "Dancing with the Stars" or "Idol." I watch NHL hockey every night I'm home. These are my observations:

    Crosby rarely whines. In fact, he is one of the more subdued players in the NHL. That is a fact. If you believe otherwise, you haven't seen a large sample of his games this season."

    And Burnside:

    "As for Crosby's whining I don't think he does any more or less than any other player. Watch Daniel Carcillo last night."

  3. I second Eloquence's praise for this post, thus giving it the credibility it needs, coming from someone who isn't on the blog's staff.

    And I agree with what you say about Crosby and the Pens. Crosby will never play a January regular season game with a concussion. He does not take 2 minute shifts. He has taken himself out of the lineup multiple times when he felt he wasn't 100%. In other words, if any player in the NHL knows how to pace himself and is aware that your chances of winning a cup in June are heavily dependent on your being healthy in April, it is Sid.
    Let the bashers bash. They hated Sid when he stayed on the bench in Game 7 in Detroit after Franzen blew out his knee, and they hate him now for allegedly playing with a concussion against Tampa.