Sunday, January 30, 2011

Net Mouth Scramble: Athletes Continue to Struggle With Concept of Twitter; We Get It, Pouncey is Out; NHL Players Got Skillz

By Artistry

Add the Green Bay Packers to the list of professional sports franchises who may want to join the Miami Heat in sponsoring mandatory educational seminars on the perils of Tweeting. Injured Packers Nick Barnett and Jermichael Finley turned to Twitter this week to complain about the organization's treatment of its injured players, and now they seem puzzled that anyone noticed. Barnett blames the social networking service for taking his statements and making them available to others through, uh, social networking. So now he is quitting the service. Take that Twitter. Finley is laughing off his remarks that the team disrespected him and that "someone is going to pay," explaining that sometimes tweets happen in the heat of the moment. For morons players like Barnett and Finley, sending out thoughts on Twitter is apparently no different than talking to themselves. GTOG is considering offering a Twitter powerpoint presentation to professional sports teams, entitled "Tweet of the Moment; Your Players are Stupid, but Not Everyone Needs to Know About It." I think we could have something here.

Antonio Cromartie: Just Threatened via Twitter to Assault Matt Hasselbeck, Promptly Fathered Another Child

Other headlines this Sunday afternoon:

- ESPN filed its sixth report indicating that "sources" say Maurkice Pouncey will not play in the Super Bowl. GTOG's sources were telling us this as early as one week ago, when they saw Pouncey during the second half of the Jets game wearing street clothes and on crutches.

- Marc-Andre Fleury and Kris Letang took part in the NHL All-Star Saturday Skills Competition yesterday, and no one watched except maybe their families. But word is that Fleury did do a few jumping jacks before stopping Alex Ovechkin on a shootout try, so that's always worth a Youtube clip. 

Major points to Ovechkin for creativity. What a personality.*

* GTOG's official position is that Alex Ovechkin has a terrible personality. As discussed in Saturday's podcast, no amount of Skills Competition histrionics can change this.

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