Friday, January 21, 2011

Morning Skate: If The Pens Lose, And No One Is There To See It, Did It Really Happen?

By Finesse

We will have more to say on this game later today, even if it is unclear why anyone would want to relive the experience of a suffocating 2-0 defeat to a terrible New Jersey Devils team in an empty arena without your three best players and without generating anything resembling a good scoring opportunity.

This morning we would just like to point out that there have been some slight upgrades to our website.  As you can see in the right hand column, you can click to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes.  There is also an embedded podcast player on the "NEW! Podcasts" tab above as well as on our Facebook page.  We're still working out how often we are going to record podcasts, but if you haven't listened yet, check out the first two.

Not Our Favorite

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