Thursday, January 13, 2011

Miami Heat Committed to Raising Standards for U.S. Education

By Artistry

Back from a quick business trip to Charleston, West Virginia, where I try to go at least every winter just so I can get Little Artistry some kind of Pittsburgh athlete action figure at the memorabilia store in the Charleston mall. [This is patently untrue; I'm just trying to look on the bright side]. I did pick him up a Sidney Crosby action figure, which he liked, but then again, he also really likes peeing in the potty and "Trot Trot to Boston," so the bar for pleasing Little Artistry is not high.

My son's expectations are higher by far, however, than the standard of intelligence NBA teams seem to expect of their players. GTOG's favorite example of humility and class, LeBron James, drew unwanted attention Tuesday when he tweeted that the Cleveland Cavaliers deserved to lose to the Lakers by 60 points this week because "karma is a b----" and "God sees everything." First of all, easy Stevie Johnson. God ain't watching the Cleveland Cavaliers. Trust me on that. Secondly, 'Bron 'Bron tried to retract the tweet, or "de-tweet," if you will, by saying those weren't really his thoughts at all, and he wasn't even the tweeter in question.

Bought Son Lebron James Action Figure

The Miami Heat public relations team then sprung into action, cutting off any further questioning about the "karma" tweet. Then came this from ESPN's article on the controversy:

"Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said that the team has taken steps to educate players about Twitter and other forms of social media."

This is a bold step. Educating players about Twitter would involve somehow explaining to them that when you type words, other people will be able to read them. Is the Miami organization really sure it wants to pioneer this effort?


  1. I go to school at the U of Michigan, and I've tried explaining to my friends that the NBA is literally a joke to us in Pgh. They don't get it. I've started showing them every mention of the NBA in your blog and tPb because every time, it's just a joke. Keep up the good work, guys. GTOG is a daily stop for me.

  2. Thanks for reading, Yost Ice Arena. I went to Michigan, too. In fact, I used to play intramural hockey in you. Go Blue. LGP. GTOG.