Sunday, January 16, 2011

GTOPG: The Marc-Andre Fleury Show; Pens Win 3-2

By Finesse

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The Pens had another mini-collapse in this game, but fortunately it came early enough to allow Jordan Staal to bury the game-winner in the 3rd period.  That's what happens when you have a well-coached team with a recognition that the sky is not always falling.  After blowing two games to the Bruins already this season, it would have been easy for the Pens to let it happen again.  Fleury didn't allow it.

- Staal is a beast.  He needs to be a center, and so does Sid, and so does Geno.  Keep them separate.

- Chris Kunitz has 15 goals this season.  Alex Ovechkin has 15 goals this season.

- Just like that, the Pens are back to .500 without Sid (2-2-1).

- Speaking of Sid, Rob Rossi is speculating that he may sit out the All-Star game even if he is back for the Pens before that.  Two reactions: 1) Something is going on with him, and it's not good; 2) Rossi's suggestion makes no sense.  The All-Star game is basically non-contact.  If he is healthy enough to play in a real game, why would he need to sit out the All-Star game?

- Pens had one powerplay, Bruins had four.  C'mon Gary, are we not paying you enough?  I thought we just renegotiated the deal?

- Two more points for Stamkos.  Get well soon, Sid.

- Abbreviated recap, but we're still Getting To Our Game.  GTOG Podcast coming soon, we hope.


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  1. i think sid (and geno) should sit out the all star game. they're exhausted. take the break. show up, wave hello, and get back home and read about the steelers.