Sunday, January 23, 2011

GTOG Podcast: Steelers Win; We Record Relatively Unenthusiastic Podcast

By Finesse

The Steelers narrowly avoided creating the worst memory of all time for Steelers fans, and are instead headed to Dallas to take on the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV.  To celebrate this increasingly common occurrence, Artistry and I recorded a podcast that, let's just say, doesn't ooze with contagious enthusiasm.  We're happy, but we're getting a little too used to this.  At one point I think I declared the Pens victory over the Hurricanes on Saturday as "a victory no matter what the score is."  And yes, we made fun of CBS announcers during our podcast.

You can listen to the podcast in this window (below), on our podcast page, download to your computer here or subscribe on iTunes.


  1. Pretty negative analysis of the Steelers. They happen to be going to the Super Bowl, btw.

    Finesse, two quarters of solid football this post season? I'd say four -- second half against Ravens and first half against Jets. And the second half last night when you say they didn't play well, Steelers did manage a goal line stand and a well executed drive to run out the clock instead of Jets ball down only one possession.

    If you crush your opponent for 30 minutes, you don't really need to play well all of game. Just like Ben doesn't need to complete all of his passes -- just when it matters the most. Which he did.

    Enjoy the victory.

  2. No one more excited than me that the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl (<-- slight exaggeration, I'm sure there are people more excited). I'm just a little bit surprised, that's all. I'm not complaining that we won - take it any way you can.

    When you record a podcast immediately after a game and the last 30 minutes of the game were basically dedicated to not blowing a 24-point lead, you aren't in the same celebratory mood as if we won on a last-second drive. It's more of relief that we escaped a disaster.

  3. Getting "too used to it"? Just "surprised"? B.S. I think I have an alternate explanation for your lack of enthusiasm. My guess is that the collective conscience of Steeler nation is tugging/gnawing/thrashing at them for some elusive reason. Many believe in forgiveness, but not without ample punishment. Almost as many believe in karma, but an immediate return to Super Bowl greatness feels like karma is being disserved (with the devil laughing in the background). It feels awkward. It feels unnatural. Simply put, it's just unfortunate for Black&Yellow faithful that the face of the franchise is an unpunished felon and a fraud.

  4. I'm not worried about karma or forgiveness. As Big Ben said, "God is Great."