Sunday, January 23, 2011

GTOG Goes On The Record: Jets v. Steelers Predictions

By Finesse

Earlier this afternoon I solicited predictions from GTOG's contributors for this evening's Steelers-Jets game.  These predictions should be given no weight and are nothing more than our homeristic desires for what we want/think will happen tonight.  Basically, we will claim credit if one of us gets the score right or we will delete this post if the Jets win.

Finesse: Ben Roethlisberger leads a winning drive, finished off by the golden foot of Shaun Suisham.  Steelers 23, Jets 21.

Artistry: Steelers 23, Jets 14.

Eloquence: "I'm confident we'll be effective at stopping the run, leaving Sanchez with many 3rd and longs. That should mean a low score for the Jets and good field position for the Steelers. And makes our red zone offense the x factor. If the Steelers score three touchdowns, I predict a win.  Steelers 24-13."

Poise offers the following pick, with analysis at no extra charge: "This game is all about which team is able to effectively harness their collective playoff momentum. With the Steelers scariest opponent now out of the picture in New England, the Steelers pathway to the Super Bowl just became one very winable game away. And with such greatly improved odds, coupled with home field advantage, the Steelers should be carrying the mental edge. However this game is by no means a lock for the Steelers. It can be very challenging defeating an opposing team playing with such intense determination and an underdog mentality. If the Steelers can effectively shut down the Jets' offense and force Mark Sanchez into turnovers, the game is all ours. I give the game to the Steelers 17-13."

Brandon Lang: "Give the points.  Steelers 30, Jets 20"

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