Sunday, January 16, 2011

Get To Our Podcast

Loyal Readers,

Welcome to GTOG's first of many podcasts. We open with discussion of the Steelers decimation of Baltimore and then transition to Pens talk at around the 18:45 mark (and for those who are still with us, we introduce Little Artistry while we hit The Bachelor briefly at 41:00).

You can listen below, or download the MP3 file here. Just click "download." We understand there are better ways to do this. Baby Steps. Will try to have on iTunes ASAP.

We recorded this Sunday afternoon during the Bears-Seahawks game so we didn't know at the time that the Steelers would be hosting the Jets in the AFC Championship Game. In fact, we blatantly assumed throughout that it would be the Patriots (though we mostly edited that out).

We're still learning the technology, so let us know if you have any problems. Otherwise, enjoy. And tell your friends.


Quick tip: If you want to fast-forward, wait a few seconds until it is completely downloaded, then have at it.


  1. Ain't workin'. Maybe its my internet but nothing here is loading. Same for the mp3 link

  2. Could be an internet issue. Also not sure how it works streaming to cell phones so that could be another issue. Try this link

  3. This is awesome. Way to go, guys.