Friday, December 3, 2010

We're So Bad, You Know, We're Just Bad

By Artistry

With the 25th Anniversary of the Chicago Bears' Super Bowl title just around the corner, the owner of that catchy Bears' theme song, the "Super Bowl Shuffle," filed a lawsuit against Viacom.  The basis of the suit is that Viacom has been broadcasting the Super Bowl Shuffle on MTV and VH1 without the owner's permission, allegedly diminishing potential sales of the song.  Now, I had that song memorized in 1986, and it's hard to look away when backup QB Steve Fuller is gyrating his unbelievably slight torso in a decidedly unrhythmic fashion, but if anyone is getting sued here, it should be the choreographer. 

And 49ers coach Mike Singletary may want to destroy any record of this before his players get a hold of it.

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