Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ted Leonsis Owns Wizards, Wants You To Come Watch Heat

By Finesse

One of the most relevant blogs on the internet is the D.C. Sports Bog, written by Dan Steinberg.  Today, he calls Ted Leonsis (our favorite!) to task for maybe/perhaps/sorta trying to sell tickets to the Heat vs. Wizards game by marketing LeBron James (Leonsis owns the Wizards and Caps).  Actually, look at the ad and you'll see he is DEFINITELY marketing LeBron:

Let's analyze.

First, this is good business.  The Wizards are terrible, embarrassing, depressing, and irrelevant.  LeBron James is the opposite of that. Ted has been known to do, this is a hypocritical approach.  For starters, Steinberg points out that Ted said last month that he would never to do this.

Most importantly, let's all remember that Teddy barred Pens fans from Pens/Caps games in DC by not selling individual seats to those games and/or refusing to sell to 412 area codes. So now that it suits him to invite fans of the opponent (or just the opponent's players), he is changing his policy.  How convenient.

Ted can do what he wants, but as I've always maintained, his petty and childish approach to handling Pens' games in DC is short sighted.  There are a lot of Pens' fans in DC, and I'm one of them.  But us Pens' fans are also hockey fans.  I don't like the Caps, but I would go to a few games against other teams just to see good hockey.  But, if I'm not welcome at the Verizon Center on one night, why would I volunteer to go on another night when I'm allowed?

Don't worry, though.  I always find myself a seat at the Pens' games.

[DISCLAIMER: I'm sure every team does stuff like this.  It's just more fun for me when it's Ted.]

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  1. Apples and oranges. The Caps sell out games against the Pens because many fans come to see their team taking on Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Better attract those who want to watch a good game (or at least a big star in the flesh) than those who would come for a free t-shirt (or worse, fireworks night).