Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Playing the Jets? Hide Your Wife's "Hot Mature Sexy Feet"

By Artistry

Ah, the media. There is a story making the rounds today about new evidence that New York Jets loudmouth coach Rex Ryan and his wife spend their free time making foot fetish videos. When asked about it by some Chicago reporters Wednesday morning, Ryan reportedly replied, "I know you need to ask, it's a personal matter." OK. As to the first part of that response, no, they really didn't need to ask. Secondly, uh, yeah it is. No one needs to be sitting at work today carrying the mental image of Ryan drooling over his wife's "mature" toes. Sadly, this will probably be the second story on the 11 p.m. Sportcenter tonight, right after an update on the Brett Favre investigation and about 45 minutes before a 15-second snippet on Geno Malkin's hat trick.

Seeking Barefoot Kicker

In other news fresh from the Internets, we have new respect for the Cleveland Browns organization, circa 1974. Check out the greatest response ever to a letter threatening frivolous litigation here. Hat tip to Kevin O. for the link.

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