Thursday, December 30, 2010

Morning Skate: Top 10 Quotes From 24/7 Penguins/Capitals, Part 3

By Artistry

HBO gave us another stellar episode last night, with the best on-ice action we've seen in the documentary series to date. More later, but let's get the morning started with the Top 10 quotes from Part 3:

10. "It's still very blonde. We're thinking about Just-for-Menning it for the Winter Classic." Matt Cooke on Mustache Boy Paul Martin's modest showing.

9. "This goalie is not good." Head Coach Dan Bylsma, between periods, on Capitals' goalie Michael Neuvirth.

8. "You're never satisfied when you're successful. So I'm very happy with that effort." Capitals' coach Bruce Boudreau, who is going to get fired any minute now, to his team in the locker room after its third win in about a dozen games.

7. Bylsma: "Sid, you tired?"

    Crosby: "I didn't do anything."

    Bylsma: "Good point."

6. "Get to our game." Bylsma, to the team.

5. "They said the pressure would make it grow. It did. (Pause.) Can you tell I got hit?" Rookie defenseman Ben Lovejoy to Crosby and Marc-Andre Fleury, referencing his ridiculously swollen face.

Not bad, Lovejoy.
4. "Get to our game." Bylsma, to the team, again.

3. "Is that kind of like Mike Green's thing he had?" Mike Rupp, on the pink scooter his daughter got for Christmas.

2. "You look awesome. Girls love." Evgeni Malkin, on Lovejoy's bloody, swollen visage.

1. "What pearls of wisdom is that idiot going to spew?" Mrs. Artistry, as Bruce Boudreau walked into the locker room with the Capitals down 1-0 after one period against Pittsburgh. She's really had it up to here with Bruce Boudreau.

We'll have more on 24/7 and a Get to Our Postgame review of Pens/Islanders, coming up later this morning. Until then, remember, you can't stop P.A. Parenteau, you can only hope to limit him to the game-winning goal in the shootout.

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  1. I agree with Mrs. Artistry. Every woman who watched that show has to despise BB. The poor woman is not good enough for a Louis Vuitton purse, and then gets shoes that won't fit just so there is something under the tree. What a jerk.