Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Morning Skate: Pittsburgh/Philly Rivalry Takes on New Dimension

By Artistry

Yes, the Penguins and Flyers, the NHL's two top teams at this point in the season and bitter rivals, face off tonight in Philadelphia.  The Penguins try to make it 14 wins in a row, and the Flyers have only lost once this month themselves.  [Side note:  Did you ever think it would be this Penguins' team that would challenge the all-time record for consecutive regular season wins, set by the 1992-93 Pens?  Compare this year's roster to the guys on that team.  See what you think.]  Huge game.

But the really big news this morning is that the Philadelphia Phillies have finally put together a starting rotation to challenge the Pirates' pitching quartet of Jeff Karstens, Paul Maholm, Charlie Morton, and Ross Ohlendorf.  Now maybe we can call this a rivalry. 

Good Luck To You.


  1. Artistry, the deal is something like 5 years for $125 million. I don't know a team that would sign any of the Pirates pitchers 125 years for $5 million.

  2. If all the Phillies can do against Pittsburgh is throw out Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, and Hamels in a 4 game series, I like our chances. Let me remind you that we recently signed Matt Diaz. Case closed.

  3. Without joining the tongue in check comments regarding Pirate chances against the Phillies I do want to say that Pirate fans will like Matt Diaz. Solid against lefty hitters and great in the clubhouse. Obviously not a star but a good guy to have on your roster. Braves just didn't have a need after signing Dan Uggla to play second and moving Martin Prado to left.

    By the way anyone feel bad for the Yankees after discovering there are some things their MasterCard can't buy?