Friday, December 17, 2010

Morning Skate: Haywood Hired; Polamalu Tired; The Price is So Wrong

By Artistry

It's a busy week in Pittsburgh, so let's hit these headlines "Net-Mouth Scramble" style:
  • Pitt on Thursday announced the hiring of Miami of Ohio coach Michael Haywood as Dave Wannstedt's successor.  What, were you expecting Urban Meyer to come out of retirement for this job?  I have no idea who this guy is.  Neither does Ron Cook, who offers this take, here for your convenience in the form of Ron Cook Poetry:
                   Really, is it so wrong to give Haywood a chance?
                   No, it isn't one of my prouder moments in journalism.
                   I believe him.
                   Sounds good to me.
                   All but the part about the scoreboard not mattering, that is.
                   But I get the man's point.
                   I'm just sayin'.
                   Give Haywood a chance.
  • Troy Polamalu is likely out against the Jets this Sunday.  Vegas preseason odds that Polamalu would be sidelined with an injury by week 15 were about 1:2.  This is just the way he rolls.  But if all he needs are a few maintenance weeks - and there is no indication so far that this is something particularly serious - then the timing is not terrible.  The Steelers will face a Jets offense that is struggling to do anything at all right now, and the last two games of the season bring Carolina and Cleveland.  The focus should be on winning 2 of 3 and securing a first round bye.  Polamalu shouldn't need to see the field to make that happen.  The concern is going to continue to be the broken down offensive line.  17 points should be enough to win all three of Pittsburgh's remaining games; now the offense will just need to score them rather than relying on defensive touchdowns.
  • Dan Steinberg has video of Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin on "The Price is Right" here.  (Trying to think of something to add. Just shaking my head.)


  1. They say there's no such thing as bad publicity. What about horribly awkward publicity? Thank god for the good looking contestant to save that clip.

    My guess is that Bridgestone pushed for this. What percentage of that audience if know what hockey is? Though a ton of them probably don't drive either.

  2. "No, it isn't one of my prouder moments in journalism" Classic.

  3. It's one of the oldest maxims in sports, but I have to repeat it anyway. Anytime you can hire a guy with a career coaching record of 10-15, you have to do it.