Sunday, December 12, 2010

Puck Daddy Wastes Everyone's Time Asking If The Pens Get Favorable Treatment

By Finesse

Puck Daddy published a story today with the unfortunate headline, "Do the refs favor the Pittsburgh Penguins?" The ultimate conclusion of the article -- thankfully -- is that the Pens do not receive preferential treatment. The article is a statistical dump of all the Pens' penalty minutes this year and it turns out that the Pens take pretty much exactly the same amount of penalties as their opponents. Sorry New York Post, no conspiracy here.

But, let's say for a moment that the Pens did get whistled for significantly less penalty minutes than their opponents. Would that mean there is a bias in favor of the Pens?


Studies have shown that GTOG readers have the highest IQ of any website on the internet, so I'm not breaking any news to you. Nevertheless, there are some Ignorants out there that need to be reminded of the following:

1) There is no rule that a team has to be called for as many penalties as the other team.

2) Sometimes, one team is better than another team. The Pens are better than most teams. Often, in order to stop a team that is better than you, you have to take penalties.

3) If you've watched the Pens play, you'll notice that they have the puck a lot. Usually, penalties are taken by the team without the puck.

4) When penalties are taken against Sidney Crosby, it's not because he is diving. It's because he is faster and stronger than the people chasing him.

5) If you find yourself getting up in arms about a perceived "dive" by the Pens or a non-call when a Penguins' player does something that should be a penalty, ask yourself the following two questions:

1) Has any player on my favorite team ever embellished to get a call?
2) Are referees human beings who sometimes miss calls?

If the answer to those two questions are yes, then put down the Larry Brooks column and get over yourself.

6) Sidney Crosby has embellished before to draw penalties. Get over it.

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