Monday, November 15, 2010

Today in Stories I Don't Believe: Clint Hurdle "turned down" 2nd Interview With Mets, Becomes Pirates' Manager

By Finesse

The Pirates are starting off the Clint Hurdle era with one of the most transparent lies ever concocted.  According to Hurdle, he turned down a second interview to manage the Mets to accept the Pirates job.  That's the equivalent of Chris from the Bachelorette saying that he turned down Ali to go date the ugliest girl from his high school.  Just like Chris, Hurdle should fess up to what really happened -- the Mets found someone who looked better in a baseball uniform.

1 comment:

  1. I would agree that you'd have to be crazy to turn down the Mets in favor of the Pirates. But maybe he was a longshot for the Mets job and had a sense he wouldn't get it. Only logical explanation. Why would the Pirates or Hurdle lie? Wouldn't the assertion that he turned down an interview with the Mets be verifiable by, say, asking the Mets?