Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Steelers Cut Jeff Reed; Reed Immediately Trashes Restroom

By Artistry

We don't know if Jeff Reed actually took his frustrations out on a paper towel dispenser, but news did in fact just break that he's been cut.  It seems his little tirade yesterday rubbed just about everyone the wrong way, and maybe the Steelers were just waiting for an excuse to let Reed - who, let's face it, is sort of a P.R. nightmare - take his platinum blond hair down the road. 

The new kicker, Shaun Suisham, formerly of the Redskins and Cowboys, is unlikely to be an improvement on the field.  The Redskins cut him in favor of some guy you've never heard of.  And for all his shenanigans, Reed is used to kicking in the swamp that is Heinz Field.  Suisham is not.  Looks like the Steelers are gambling he can at least hit those 26-yarders with some consistency, and maybe not pose for pictures like this.

Maybe tolerable when you're hitting at 85%.  Not anymore.

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