Friday, November 5, 2010

Save Empty Netters

By Artistry

Just saw this on Puck Daddy:

"Our friend Seth Rorabaugh's excellent blog Empty Netters is in danger of being eliminated by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. The Pensblog has all the contact info you need to let your voice be heard in support of a vital part of the hockey blogosphere. And lest you think this is an issue just for Pittsburgh Penguins fans, The Chief is getting the Red Wings fans at Abel To Yzerman organized too. Save Empty Netters, people."

This is a ridiculous move by the PPG.  Why else would I visit their website?  To read Hall of Fame Dave Molinari's game recaps?  I could think of a few other salaries you could cut at that paper before you go axing the hockey blogger, but let's not go there at this point.

Look, we've written to Seth Rorabaugh several times to try to get him to link to this blog.  He's ignored us every time.  Whatever.  This is bigger than all of us.  Go to to see what you can do.


  1. Artistry Johnson is right!

    We cant't stand for this!

    Did I mention Blazzing Saddles is also one of my favorite movies)

  2. and one more:

  3. If they shut down Empty Netters, where else would we turn for birthday updates of Penguins from the 1960's?? Just kidding. Empty Netters is great - the PG needs to get their head on straight.

  4. Ron Cook's take:

    My job?

    Do you really want to take it?

    Safe, I say.

    Poor Seth. Great writer. Times are changing, though.

    You know what they say: It's just business.

    To Seth, though, it's more than just business. Great hockey content. Everyone likes his content.

    But my job?


    Definitely, safe.