Friday, November 19, 2010

Morning Skate: Glen Sather Told BP Not to Drill in Deep Water

By Finesse

If we have two passions at this blog, it's making fun of bad general managers and pointing out when we are right about things.  This morning presents us with a unique opportunity to do both.

With respect to our first passion, you'll recall in early August that Rangers' GM Glen Sather, who makes $800 toilet seats purchased by the U.S. Army seem like a bargain, pretended to Larry Brooks of the NY Post that he had a deal in place to trade for Steven Stamkos during the phenom's rookie season, but that it only fell through because the Tampa owners backed out.  Sather even said, "We had him.  Well, I thought we did."  The timing of this reeked of excuse making, given, you know, the Derek Boogaard signing and all the other tragic contracts signed by Sather during his tenure with the Rangers.  I'm struggling with more stuff to say about this -- it's just hilarious on its own.

With respect to our second point, our dedicated readership will remember that we (Artistry) were higher on Stamkos before this season than almost any other hockey site.  In fact, we had him ranked as the 3rd best center in the league, inspired to create such a list by Versus, who inexplicably ranked Mikko Koivu ahead of Stamkos.  Well, Stamkos has gone out of his way to validate our prediction, tallying 5 points last night (3 goals) in a wild 8-7 win over the Sergei Bobrovsky led Philadelphia Flyers to take a 6-point lead over Sidney Crosby in the points race.  We're nice guys so there is room on the bandwagon if you want to hop on.

Glen Sather in 2004 to Army Corps of Engineers:
"You guys need to reinforce those levees in New Orleans."

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  1. Well, that was an enjoyable read. But, in fairness, Steven Stamkos did score 55 goals last season at age, what, 16? Did anybody really think he had peaked?