Monday, November 8, 2010

Morning Skate: The Dallas Cowboys

By Finesse

Last night the Green Bay Packers dismantled the Dallas Cowboys 45-7, leaving the disappointing Cowboys with a 1-7 record and exposing them for having, despite all the hype to the contrary, almost no talented players whatsoever.  At one point, there was a graphic showing that Aaron Rogers was 8-8 for 1,435 yards and 6 touchdowns when throwing on Malcom Jenkins, a defensive back who put forth the same effort last night as I did sending in last month's rent -- that is, finding a stamp and mailing it in.

The Cowboys must now feel like Andy Dufresne when he was halfway through the sewage pipe out of Shawshank - grateful that it's half over, but pissed that it's only half over.  Only for many of the Cowboys, the light at the end of the tunnel isn't freedom -- it's the CFL.

"Well, this is embarrassing"

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